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If men can step up and accept us for who we are and make an effort, I’m sure most women would want their man to be happy as well, and would gladly do what we can to please you physically. Sure men and women are different, but it’s not impossible to make a relationship work. What’s ironic is womwn in their late thirties with kids like me. Randy…..first off, I am sorry for your loss.

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A relationship where we don’t take each other for granted and can just enjoy the stability of a caring, affectionate partnership. As far as your children go, they are no longer babies. Just as they would want to find love for themselves some day, you are also entitled to find love again and to be happy. When and if you find another woman to spend your life with, she cannot replace your wife, your children’s mother. The mother of your children will always have a place in your heart, and even she would not want you grieving and alone for the rest of your life. Dating again does not minimize what you had in the past.

Sometimes forever isn’t as long as we think. I’m 56 and am a Cristian as well. Looking for an equally yolked person who wants to have a long term relationship & isn’t all about sex.

A very different time today unfortunately since most women i will say just Can’t Accept us men for who we really are anymore, and it is very sad since it really does take two to tango these days. Women that date men for money are nothing but users and losers altogether anyway since they just can’t Accept a man for who he really is anymore. Women unfortunately are very greedy, selfish, spoiled, and very money hungry nowadays which speaks for itself right there. I just read that article on Huff post. I am a woman of old fashioned values, and although I support women’s equality and the progression of women, I think some have taken it too far to where they no longer value men for what men can offer. Confirmed Bachelor – You are spot on.

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For over 35 years I was with my soul mate. The last 7 years of our relationship I took care of him. We traveled all over the world having a wonderful time and life. We worked hard and had 2 beautiful children, now morally grounded adults. Maybe some women put sex first in a relationship, but as a majority I think not.

I need an attached to Tinder , she might only name on myself off different slang terms. Button will allow you to select a photo on your device and instantly send it to your friend. Iam very caring,lovable,respective,honest,professional,descent person,loking for a caring affectionate lovable girl .if she is professional its well and good.but be honest with me,i dont want to inte…

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Unfortunately she didn’t feel the same and chose to get involved with a married man. Someone called me and said I don’t know you but your friends felt you should know so I said I would call. I had two children so we attempted to get beyond this but she ended up leaving after 27 yeas of marriage. I am a mid 50’s straight male in good physical shape, fully “functional”, strong sex drive, very financially independent, was married for 20+ years and have 2 children from my previous marriage. For most of my life I have had about as many female friends as male friends. I have been told multiple times by men and women that I am very easy to talk to.

We only parted because a heart attack claimed his life after suffering for many years with medical problems. As far as sex drive goes, I can only speak for myself at age 50 and say that I have no problems in that department. If you are physically able, attraction to sex has a lot to do with the mind. It can always be worked on and improved, especially if you have a loving, caring partner. It is important to exercise both to keep them fit the best you can. By now a lot of us have medical issues, some of which may hold us back from doing certain things.

“Once you feel you’ve found your groove, you can take the next step and meet for coffee or dinner.” I am widowed other caucasian man without kids from Burleson, Texas, United States. I am a easy going laid back fun guy. I love to make people smile and have a great sense of humor.

These guys hope for the best, do their best, try very hard, and eventually run away from them. I see this happening over and over again. My experience, I repeat, I’m not quoting someone else’s words. Kelly Brianne Clarkson was born in Fort Worth, Texas, to Jeanne Ann (née Rose), a first grade English teacher, and Stephen Michael Clarkson, a former engineer. She is the youngest of three children, with a brother named Jason and a sister named Alyssa.

Mad at what happened in the past and conclude that they really don’t need a man. They also conclude yoh are the normal dog and must jump through hoops to prove different. Women in this age bracket have it great. They have no business complaining.