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She only has time to flash Carlos a feral grin before he’s scrambling up and dashing for Evie, ducking behind the blue clad girl for protection. Though Mal’s too busy wrestling a snow covered Jay to give chase. The two roll in the snow, fists, hair, and clumps of snow flying. The group in front of him is dressed in a hodgepodge of layers. Mal is wearing Jay’s coat if the dark red sleeves covering her hands are any indication.

After the Family Day incident she wasn’t above ridiculing the VKs out loud but mostly Mal. During the end of the film, she accepts the VKs and even dances with Carlos. In Descendants 2, Carlos really wants to ask Jane to the Cotillion, but he always chickens out at the last moment. With the help of Dude, he manages to ask her and finds out his strong feelings for her are reciprocated.

When Edie develops romantic feelings for Carlos, she uses his relationship with Travers to her advantage and tries to seduce him, but he tells her he’s not interested in her that way. Carlos wants to keep the affair a secret, making Edie think he still holds a torch for Gabrielle. Edie tells the girls about her and Carlos at Gabrielle’s engagement party. Gabrielle is furious and demands Edie stop seeing Carlos, but Edie refuses. Gabrielle tries to get her friends to freeze out Edie, but Edie makes it difficult. Gabrielle eventually makes peace with the relationship…for now.

Eventually Mal does return to Auradon, but only because she didn’t want Uma coming after her. As soon as Mal sees Uma at Cotillion, she’s ready to bolt again, despite the fact that her actions absolutely warranted Ben to leaving her and finding someone else. Mal only seems to care about Ben again after seeing the window, which proved that he “loved the real her.” Mal decides to spell Ben into falling in love with her, so that she will be his girlfriend. The spell causes Ben to confess his love through a musical number in front of two entire schools. His girlfriend Audrey is hurt, betrayed, upset, embarrassed, and utterly humiliated.

Ian Somerhalder had a bit of a love triangle during his Vampire Diaries years

All we know is that Dove left the relationship because it was not what she expected, as Ryan himself wrote on Twitter. Ryan and Dove dated for more than three years, which Dove admitted to being her first serious relationship when it at only seventeen. Sadly, their relationship ended, and neither Dove nor Ryan ever commented about their split to the press. It’s hard to believe that the son of Prince Charming is single, but it seems like Jedidiah, who plays Chad Charming in the movies, is unattached. He seems too busy snuggling with his adorable pooch to be dating anyone. After Zevon’s evil plans were revealed, Evie was the only one who fought him alongside Mal.

Mal’s group returns, handing over the fake wand in exchange for Ben, but Uma realizes the forgery. The group flees back to Auradon, but Mal and Ben’s relationship is still rocky, and Mal isn’t the happiest about being back in Auradon. The villains’ children come to terms that they cannot run from their pasts and agree to be honest with themselves and each other. Carlos confesses to Jane but struggles a little bit, while Jay appoints Lonnie as the captain of his team. While off the lane, Edie starts visiting Orson while he is in prison for the hit and run of her ex-boyfriend Mike Delfino. After Bree hears that Edie has been visiting her husband, Bree goes to Edie’s new house to confront her.

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However, Jane accidentally removes the barrier from the Isle of the Lost, thus making it possible for all the villains to invade Auradon. Mal still vows to make Maleficent proud of her, and joins forces with the three villain kids, now much closer to all of them than before, and begin a raid on the town, kicking off the events of the movie. Disappointed, she and the others return home where her mother is waiting for her, scepter in hand and Diablo on her shoulder. She explains that Diablo brought the scepter back, and he told her that Mal was supposed to let Evie touch it, lamenting furiously that sometimes Mal is such a disappointment. The villain kids make their way through many different obstacles and tests while navigating Maleficent’s fortress.

She also suspected Mal of stealing her mascot uniform and Evie said spelling clothes away sounded like something she would do but she promised Jane she didn’t take it. The two had little interaction though when Lonnie went to Mal for a makeover in the film, Evie considered helping. In Wicked World, Evie along with Mal helped her get ready for her hip hop stage performance by creating neon clothes for her to look fiercely friendly. She was also the only AK not to accuse Evie and the other VKs of doing bad things.

According to People, Rathbone started dating blogger Sheila Hafsadi in 2011, and the couple welcomed their first child together in July 2012. By October 2013, the two were married and Rathbone gushed about his wife to People saying, “It was one of those things. I always said I believed in love at first sight, but I never really had that feeling before.” (And we aren’t kidding when we say “a lot”; asForbes noted, theTwilight franchise raked in a serious amount of Instabang money.) Twihards got an even bigger treat when the real Bella and Edward took their love off screen. Actors Kristen Stewart and Robert Pattinson dated for more than three years before breaking up in 2013; their actual love story didn’t last forever like Edward and Bella’s did. Over the course of eight seasons, viewers watched their share of romances and heartbreaks on “The Vampire Diaries,” with the final season bringing some closure for the major characters.

She gave Travers up to his father, as she believed she would be a bad mother, but they agreed that she would visit their son from time to time. In 2002 she married gym instructor Umberto Rothwell (Matt Cedeño). In 2003 they moved to 4360 Wisteria Lane and the couple divorced one year later, after she found out that he is gay. Her father left her mother for another woman with a daughter when Edie was 16 years old . Edie has a sister, and brother who died from a drug overdose.

Sarah also shared an Instagram Story of her own, writing “Had the best time with the best group of people,” and tagging Chalamet’s handle along with her twin sister Leah and a friend. In an April 2021 interview, Lourdes publicly addressed their romance for the first time, too. Though she didn’t reveal much in terms of details, she did tell Vanity Fair, “I respect him a lot, we were a little item. My first boyfriend.” Which might be why there’s so much interest in his dating history, including who he’s been linked to over the years, and the person he’s potentially dating right now. Here’s what you need to know, from his 18-month long relationship with Lily Rose Depp to that kiss with Eiza González.

When Evie says that she will stay with Mal, Mal refuses, telling Evie that she belongs in Auradon. They enter their hideout building and sing about their relationship between the two different worlds . Evie, Jay, and Carlos tell Mal what happened to Ben and Mal blames them for bringing him there. Mal tells them that she’s going to Uma and getting Ben back alone, to which the rest protest. In the end, Evie, Carlos, and Jay stay back to wait for Mal as Mal leaves to meet Uma.

Carlos, on the other hand, had effectively declared his lifelong commitment between seasons when he made T.K. A co-owner of their new apartment, despite having fronted all of the costs himself, Silva said. Found Carlos updating his will, leading to a fight over T.K.’s refusal to plan his own estate. But after having nearly lost his father, Owen , in a building explosion, T.K. Since then, the 22-year-old model has spoken out to confirm she did indeed spend time over the weekend with Timothée, but she kept her cards close to her chest about whether they’re dating.

While she wishes to find a perfect prince for herself, she is not foolish to fall for a prince who looks nice but has an ugly personality, as she rejected Chad Charming when she found out how arrogant he is. Over the course of the film, she gains more self-confidence about herself and learns there is more to life than being the fairest of them all. However, the couple suddenly split, much to the surprise of their fans. Soon after, Jeremy started dating another actress Addison Timlin.