Virgo Man & Aquarius Woman Compatibility: Perfect Match?

In fact with time Virgo woman may also find her Aquarius man less considerate about her. And after a while, once they are off with their pleasant talks and all the common traits start diminishing, the negative traits start showing and making the relation worse. In this relationship, the partners have to accept each other as they are, rather than trying to change each other or else it can end in a bad and unworthy relationship.

It is imperative for them to act according to their hearts if they want their love to last. They are both highly intellectual, but also very quick to dismiss someone else’s intellectual strengths if they differ from their own. When it comes to evaluating someone’s words, Virgo can be extremely critical and focused on details that most other signs wouldn’t see as important at all. The beauty of the relationship of two Virgos is in their shared understanding for the importance of details. Unfortunately, this can be the thing that will distance them from the bigger picture and make them preoccupied with things that really aren’t important. When these partners come together, they stand face to face to their own issues with trust awaken by the sign of Pisces in their seventh house.

Thought I’d comment on this since nobody has yet. It’s a horrible relationship to have, it just doesn’t work. Both Virgos were unfaithful – not saying all are, but from my experience they are not loyal. There is a very high attraction sexually and the dreams and aspirations of the Virgo woman are very alluring. Any common ground you share disappears quickly and it just becomes a daily battle. I’m an Aquarius man and my girlfriend of a year is Virgo, I’ve had a lot of relationships in the past and honestly don’t know how to feel about this one.

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They will support each other without too many words and will be best friends forever. It will be like they’re having a secret code that dictates their life at every turn. Thanks to all authors for creating a page that has been read 159 times. However, Aquarius women are actually great matches for Aries men in this regard! Aquarius, you’re rarely confrontational, so you can calmly keep debates from escalating.

Famous Virgo Man and Aquarius Woman Celebrity Couples

Virgo has a tendency to get caught up in negative moods, especially when anxious or overwhelmed. She’s the most critical sign in the zodiac, after all, and can be incredibly hard on herself and the people around her. She will want his support, of course, but she’s rational and cerebral with how she deals with her emotions.

If you’re a Virgo and think your Aquarius companion is too relaxed. You may be worried that your Aquarius is a bit of a “weirdness” you don’t enjoy. However, despite these challenges, even a Virgo and Aquarius pairing could be enjoyable and exciting.

What the Aquarius Man Dislikes about Virgo Woman

However, after a while Aquarius man will want to start experimenting in bed and Virgo woman won’t like this. Virgo women can sometimes be described as timid and shy. They tend to be cautious because they are afraid of making a mistake. Don’t forget, they are always looking to create perfection.

Of all signs, she is the least hard to define and who is the most likely to choose a partner who by all rights, should be a complete mismatch. With a lot of communication and hard work, this may be enough to sustain a relationship over time. While stressful relationships can cause volatility between signs, they are are still a connection. One of the methods for determining whether signs are compatible with each other is to look at their geometric relationship on the wheel of the zodiac. Virgos have this inbuilt sense of responsibility that is imprinted onto them at birth. They will be the ones looking after terminally ill partners in a relationship.

Aquarius Man and Aquarius Woman Long-Term Compatibility

They are sure to get attracted towards a slender woman, but would also love to be in a relationship with a healthy woman no matter what her size or shape is. They would prefer to be around women who are interested in living a healthy life. What he loves to listen to is that you are neat, scrupulous, and conscientious. Apart from having a look at your body physics, he is also eager to learn about your personality. I have been on and off with an aquairus woman for 3 years. But i will say a virgo male is always trying to solve other peoples problem before their own.

It’s not just his friends that he’s jealous of, it’s everyone in your life. No matter how strong-willed an Aquarius man is, he will have a hard time saying goodbye to you. It is important that you learn to understand and put up with each other’s MamFlirt mob desires and feelings. Equally important is to always ensure that you use each and every moment you spend together to bond. As a couple, their intellectual similarities enable them to enjoy unending conversations on just about any topic.

She may grow bitter when he doesn’t pay shared plans as much attention as she does. Even when they’re together, his mind may be elsewhere. This inattentive behavior of his can drive her wild, especially if it’s a frequent pattern of his. This is important to the relationship-oriented Virgo woman, as she’s often looking for her a partner who can go the distance with her. Some Virgo women may have heard that Aquarian men aren’t to be trusted in dating and relationships because of how free-spirited they are.

But, they can motivate one another to build their talents in intellect and keep this advantage even if other aspects of their relationship aren’t so great. The items they are interested in are different, and while Virgo will always favor practicality, Aquarius would choose the undiscovered and not consistently accurate worldview. While there are plenty of differences between them, both are hardworking and dedicated people who are determined to succeed, endure and even surpass their goals in the journey! So, they might only sometimes connect, but over time, they’ll be able to comprehend each other more effectively.