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Just hit the Play button, and it’ll The Pomodoro Tracker cycling through full Pomodoro sessions—with the countdown on display in the URL title bar. The best Pomodoro timers offer more than the stopwatch app on your phone. There’s no point downloading another app if all it does is replicate your phone’s existing features. Some automate the process of swapping between work and break periods; others track how you spend your time or sync between your different devices.


The only disadvantage is that you won’t have historical data on your sessions. I also like how you can save incomplete sessions and resume them when ready, a feature that will serve first-time Pomodoro users and hybrid fans well. You’ll start your day with a clear plan of what you’ll work on during each pomodoro. You can use the timer on your phone, a physical Pomodoro timer, or any of the many digital alternatives likePomodone which integrates with Todoist. At the start of each day , review all your active projects and one-off tasks and schedule everything you want to accomplish for “Today”. If you don’t end up needing them, use the extra pomodoros for learning or lower priority tasks that always get pushed to the end of your to-do list.

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The more “traditional” ones feature simple time tracking for 25 minutes of work followed by a 5-minute break. Others offer customization options, such as a collection of ambient sounds to enhance focus. Additionally, some Pomodoro apps integrate seamlessly with workflows and provide analytics features to help you identify areas of improvement in your schedule. Access ClickUp’s time-tracking features, 100 MB of storage, and unlimited members and tasks with the Free Forever Plan. Gain access to even more advanced features with paid plans starting at $5 per member, per month. ClickUp is a free, all-in-one productivity tool that individual users and teams of any size can use to manage time, organize work, and monitor progress, all in one platform.

Then, feel free to set custom time for work and break times. This feature is available for MacOS, Linux, and Windows. Tracking the Pomodoro timer through Apploye is very straightforward, as the desktop app shows you the option while you click on settings. You may set your Pomodoro break details and set the break interval.

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The Pomodoro technique gives you a simple way to tell how productive you were, because you can always count the number of Pomodoros you have finished within a day. The study shows that uninterrupted work sessions, such as back-to-back meetings, increase our stress levels and lower our ability to focus. Heightened stress levels being one of the primary culprits for burnout, it all becomes clear at this point. The less we rest, the more we stress, and it’s a never-ending struggle. After a while, you may notice that it takes you more than 25 minutes to finish one type of task, and less than 25 minutes to finish another type of task.

Why is it called Pomodoro?

Pomodoro is Italian for tomato. Francesco Cirillo first used a tomato kitchen timer to time his study sessions, hence where the idea to call the technique the Pomodoro technique came from.

Breaking it down into 25-minute work intervals is more palatable, making us more disciplined in our work process and in how often we allow ourselves to get distracted. Remote trackRandom screenshot, Productive vs Unproductive time analytics, Apps usage, URLs Tracking makes it easy to track and monitor remote employees. Clients & Invoice – Create client profile, invoice for a client, Status-wise summary view, Tax & Discount. Reporting & DashboardPerformance-based comparison, Activity and productive time report, Weekly Report by email, Weekly activity analytics report, Export reports.

Let’s have brief discussion on the benefits of Pomodoro tracker

It is a time management method in which you divide your work, break, and relax time proportionately. Apploye is an intuitive time tracker software that allows you better Pomodoro break management. Manage your break and boost the productivity of your team members. Similar to Forest, Flora is an intuitive tool that helps you stay off your phone, clear to-do lists, and build positive, life-changing habits.


The Pomodoro Technique is about removing friction, not adding it. Any developer can build a timer app, and there are a lot of poorly thought out, half-finished, and otherwise awful apps out there—none of them are on this list, I promise. A. The time management technique created by Francesco Cirillo for a more productive way to work and study. You can use a Pomodoro Timer to keep track of your intervals, and there are even apps and websites that will do this for you. The technique is named after the Italian word for “tomato,” because of the tomato-shaped kitchen timer that its inventor, Francesco Cirillo, used to track his work intervals. If you are a freelancer or own a small business, Pomodoro apps can help your employees keep track of their time.

Minimalist is a great Pomodoro timer app for those who prefer a cutting-edge, modern user interface and design. Minimalist is all black and white and easy to use with a slick look. The Focus Keeper timer is highly customizable to set longer work sessions along with longer breaks or vice versa. By default, Focus allows you to split work time into 4 intervals of 25 minutes, each task is separated by a short break. Build time tracking Dashboards for visual insights into ongoing or completed tasks. Or, you can split the day up into 4 blocks of 90 minutes of focused work and 30 minutes of rest.

  • However, even when you take “unnatural” breaks, you still need to be wary of the way you spend them.
  • During this time, walk around, drink water and/or exercise.
  • This app is useful for people who like to work in small chunks of time.
  • So we turn to Twitter or Netflix instead to boost our mood, if only temporarily.
  • Pomodor is very simple to use and a complete timer that helps to block notifications that helps to focus on deep work.

The Pro one brings ten premium ticking sounds to get more productive or relaxed, depending on the moment of the Pomodoro cycle, and a complete view of your stats. Join millions of people who organize work and life with Todoist. Todoist is simple to use yet flexible enough to fit whichever workflow you settle on. Whatever you do, your break will be much more mentally refreshing if you get away from the glowing hypnosis of your computer or phone.

Click Add Label on the timer to list what you’re working on for each Pomodoro, so it’s all categorized properly. You don’t need eight inboxes and three filing cabinets to get it to work. Still, the good Pomodoro timer apps bring a little bit more to the system and make it easier to apply in the real world. Keep on working, Pomodoro after Pomodoro, until the task at hand is finished. Every 4 Pomodoros take a longer break, (15–30 minutes). A. It’s an easy to use, flexible Pomodoro Technique timer.

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Studying With a Purpose: The Pomodoro Technique.

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We highly recommend taking a cold shower during the long breaks, as this will wake you up and also make you feel fresher. As you can take short breaks between works and don’t work for an exhaustively long period, there is a significantly lesser chance of burning out. As you work at a stretch for a small duration, preferably 25 minutes, and then take a break to gear up your engine again, the Pomodoro timer can help you shoot up productivity.

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